"An affordable, yet unforgettable, memory."


Jason Sharp

While planning a Christmas Caroling Party we were having a hard time finding a way to get 40 people from our home to other homes to sing without any confusion and a lot of down time from the other guests. Then we heard about Your Own Limo Bus Service. It was Perfect! Larry was a great host and the guests had a wonderful time! Everyone that attend the party was able to be together in one vehicle from our house to the next house across town. We would recommend Your Own Limo Service to anyone wanting to move a lot of people from one place to the next without having to leave anyone out and it was a very comfortable, fun, and unique way!

~ Jason Sharp


"Your Own Limousine" service made the dream of a very special surprise 70th birthday party, come true. Larry, dressed in full professional regalia, along with Elena, were professional and personal in perfect balance, making our event a huge success and an evening of unforgettable fun. They are the best!  We girls still talk about that evening!
~ Lorna

B. Noyes

Your Own Limousine would provide a delightful touch to any occasion.   I was blown away by all of the details in the interior.  The mirrors in the ceiling were surrounded by lights that ­glistened and reflected with a wonderful light show, and the champagne glasses sparkled as the lights on the bar changed and faded to different colors. The experience was wonderful.  Your Own Limousine provided a clean and charming environment and the lights and added touches gave off a romantic ambiance.  I will definitely recommend this company to others. 

~ Ms. B. Noyes

Chuck and Maxine Lien

Want to relax, have fun, enjoy your friends? We did! We left the driving  to  “YOUR OWN LIMO”.  ~
Chuck and Maxine Lien

Carolyn Westman

We really surprised a coworker when the limo drove up to her house and she was expecting a friend to pick her up for her birthday get together. She is very generous with all of us. So we wanted to do something special for her 80th birthday. She had a ball and and still talks about how wonderful it was 6 months later. It was all worth it just seeing her face and hearing her comments that evening. I think she felt like a queen. 

~ Carolyn Westman